Giveaway: “A Broken Queen”

45046564Book: “A Broken Queen” by Sarah Kozloff

Publishing Info: Tor Books, March 2020

Where Did I Get this Book: from the publisher!

Book Description: Barely surviving her ordeal in Oromondo and scarred by its Fire Spirit, Cerulia is taken to a recovery house in Wyeland to heal from the trauma. In a ward with others who are all bound to serve each other, she discovers that not all scars are visible, and dying can be done with grace and acceptance.

While she would like to stay in this place of healing, will she ever be able to leave the peace she has found to re-take the throne?


Previously Reviewed: “A Queen in Hiding” and “The Queen of Raiders”

Giveaway Details: In partnership with the publisher, I’m happy to be able to offer an ongoing giveaway for each book in this series as they come out! I’ve reviewed the first two in the series and am excited to see what come in the third book! There was a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of the last, but luckily, due to the quick publishing schedule for this series, I haven’t had to wait long to find out! My review for “A Broken Queen” comes out this Friday.

If you, too, have been speeding through this series and can’t wait to find out what next, here’s your opportunity to win a finished copy of the third book in the series! And don’t forget to check back in April when we host a giveaway for the fourth and final book. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and ends on March 25.

Enter to win!

2 thoughts on “Giveaway: “A Broken Queen””

  1. “What is a favorite epic fantasy series of yours?” One of the first I enjoyed was the books by Lloyd Alexander!


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