Giveaway: “A Cerulean Queen”

45046550Book: “A Cerulean Queen” by Sarah Kozloff

Publishing Info: Tor Books, April 2020

Where Did I Get this Book: from the publisher!

Book Description: The true queen of Weirandale has returned.

Cerulia has done the impossible and regained the throne. However, she’s inherited a council of traitors, a realm in chaos, and a war with Oromondo.

Now a master of her Gift, to return order to her kingdom she will use all she has learned—humility, leadership, compassion, selflessness, and the necessity of ruthlessness.

Previously Reviewed: “A Queen in Hiding” and “The Queen of Raiders” and “A Broken Queen”


Giveaway Details: Continuing my partnership with the publisher, I’m back to offer the final giveaway for the final book in the “Nine Realms” series! I’ve included links to my reviews for the first three books, so check those out to see how far we’ve come and what my thoughts were on each of those. A quick review though, I liked them all and particularly enjoyed the most recent book, “A Broken Queen.” On that high note, I was excited to see how things would finally wrap up here at the end. My review for “A Cerulean Queen” comes out this Friday.

For those who have been keeping pace with the series (I love this publication style, but I’ll admit it’s a challenge, the best kind, of course, to keep up with things), here’s your opportunity to win a finished copy of the final book in the series. Of course, even if you’re still a bit behind, now’s your chance to have the last book all queued up for when you do catch up!This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and ends on April 22.

Enter to win!

2 thoughts on “Giveaway: “A Cerulean Queen””

  1. I think it’s one that effortlessly takes the reader onto another spinoff fantasy series from the previous one.


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